Founded in 2017, the Greater Boston Chamber of Co-ops is an association of cooperatives from all sectors. We welcome as members worker-owned businesses, housing co-ops, consumer co-ops, and producer co-ops.

We are working to strengthen the cooperative economy through mutual support and by advocating for policies that raise awareness of and open opportunities for co-ops. We work in the following channels:


Foster opportunities for member education within and among cooperative entities in the areas of management, democratic process, and cooperative development; incubation of new cooperatives; and broader movement building.


Raise the profile of cooperative businesses and the benefits of the cooperative model among the general public.


Provide opportunities for collaboration within and across sectors and contribute to building a thriving cooperative ecosystem in the Greater Boston area.


Serve as an effective voice for cooperative business on legislative, business, social, governmental, and community issues affecting the cooperative economy.

Legally, the Chamber is a 501(c)(6) organization.

In 2017, we organized a hearing on co-ops before the Boston City Council. Panels on worker co-ops and housing co-ops made presentations and answered councilors' questions.