Coop Meetup February 2017

Thanks to everyone that ventured out last night!  We had some great conversations and do not want to lose the momentum on ideas and things we talked about.

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The site is open for us to use or not use as we want.  It is whatever we want it to be - I set it up as a test site with some students who are learning Drupal. It is a distribution of Drupal software that is set up for doing outreach campaigns.  Open Outreach is a quick and inexpensive way for nonprofits and community organizations to get up and running using Drupal with the web tools they need for effective public engagement. You can see details and features here on the website:

Drupal is FREE Software.

If you would like an account on CoopNews to post news items or blogs or even to help and LEARN to build and maintain the site - just let me know and I will add an account for you. I encourage people to push buttons and click on things as a Buccaneer Scholar (One who seizes the knowledge without hesitation, learning what they are curious about)

It is all a grand experiment!

A newsletter will be sent after each meetup. During the month we can add our notes to this interactive pad to share thoughts or present projects and ideas.

Links from the presentation on 2/10/2017 -